Mike Bost: I tried to force a bill to prohibit infanticide, but I was silenced

Rep. Mike Bost’s microphone cut during House debate on infanticide

As Illinois Republican Rep. Mike Bost tried to comment on a H.R. 962, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, but his microphone was cut during his speech
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As Illinois Republican Rep. Mike Bost tried to comment on a H.R. 962, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, but his microphone was cut during his speech

They cut my microphone.

Those are words I never thought I’d say in Washington, but that’s just what happened on the House floor this week. It was the response from Washington, D.C., Democrats when I stood on the House floor demanding a vote on a bill to prohibit infanticide.

You read that correctly. Infanticide. Why won’t Speaker Nancy Pelosi bring this bill to the floor for a vote?

In the past couple of months, states such New York and Virginia have taken the pro-life/pro-choice debate to a new level, barbarically allowing babies to be killed after they have already been born. Illinois is poised to be the next state to implement this heinous policy.

We must take a stand in the wake of these shocking developments to protect the most vulnerable among us and declare that innocent life must be defended and protected at every stage — including the lives of babies who survive an abortion.

Infanticide should not be a partisan issue. Regardless of political affiliation, every member of Congress should be vocally opposed to the passive murder of innocent babies. It’s crucial that the American people know where their representatives stand on an issue of, quite literally, life and death.

Many of those on the left in Washington, D.C., have chosen to keep silent. More disturbingly, some far-left radicals have argued that babies who survive an abortion should be allowed to be left for dead. It’s appalling, shocking, and just plain wrong.

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U.S. Rep. Mike Bost U.S. House Office of Photography

Regardless of whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, most would agree that a newborn baby deserves the same protections as everyone else and that infanticide is wrong. Babies that are born alive after a failed abortion attempt must receive the same treatment as any other newborn and not just be ruthlessly left to die.

That is why I co-sponsored the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, but was silenced on the House floor this past while demanding its consideration. So, this must be a controversial bill, right?

Judge for yourself: The legislation would extend equal protections to infants born alive after a failed abortion. It would also penalize doctors who allow those infants to die.

Infanticide should never be accepted. It is immoral for us as a nation to allow newborns to die and not receive the medical care they need. I believe life begins at conception and all innocent life is precious. It breaks my heart that loopholes currently exist that allow babies who survive abortion to simply die with no medical attention. This abhorrent practice must end. And it must end now.

America is only as strong as our willingness to protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us. As the father of three and grandfather of 11, I know that the love a family feels for their children doesn’t begin on the day the child is born. It begins when they learn that their prayers have been answered and that a new life is being brought into this world. That is why I will continue to fight for those who new to this world with an entire life ahead.

Representative Mike Bost has represented the 12 counties of Illinois’ 12th District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2015. Prior Congress, Rep. Bost served in the U.S. military, as a first responder, a local job creator, and a state representative.