Why you should purchase cannabis, vaping products from licensed, regulated dispensary

Dick Durbin calls vaping an “epidemic”

Sen. Dick Durbin spoke on the floor of the Senate on Sept. 11 to push for an end to vaping in the US.
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Sen. Dick Durbin spoke on the floor of the Senate on Sept. 11 to push for an end to vaping in the US.

As one of the leading medical cannabis dispensaries in metro-east, patient safety and education are and always will be chief among our priorities at HCI Alternatives in Collinsville.

Recent stories about serious health issues that are potentially linked to general vaping highlight the need for meaningful discussion about this particular form of ingestion. Nearly 200 cases in more than two dozen states have been reported, including the death of one person here in Illinois. These stories, while tragic, should serve as a serious reminder to anyone who vapes, or is considering it, to be diligent about what they are putting into your body every time they purchase a vaping product.

Vaping products are sometimes used by medical cannabis patients in their course of treatment. Buying THC or CBD products, including concentrates like vaping oils, from a licensed cannabis dispensary is an advantage that will soon be open to anyone over 21 starting Jan. 1, 2020.

Because we are part of a regulated industry, Illinois law requires that all products we sell must be tested for quality and safety. Our staff is trained to talk with our patients about different products, ingestion methods and dosing because it is important that they understand what type of product they are consuming and the potential affects.

As a society we put our faith and trust in the regulatory process when it comes to buying consumer goods. We have a reasonable expectation that if a product is on the shelf for us to buy that it has been tested.

Unfortunately not all industries have the same standards. Even today, the cannabis and hemp industries still lack clear federal standards. That means retailers who aren’t subject to testing regulations are not obligated to tell you whether a product has been tested or even what is in it.

As a regulated and licensed dispensary and cultivator in Illinois, we have a legal responsibility to our patients that we take very seriously. We are confident in how we talk to consumers because our staff is trained and knows what goes into the products we make or sell.

Even without across the board standardized testing, purchasing THC and CBD products from a licensed, regulated dispensary has many advantages. Chief among them is consumer safety. It is the confidence you have in knowing exactly what you are putting in your body when you purchase a tested product and there is no price you can put on that.