License to be disruptive

How disappointing that Cahokia Mayor Gary Cornwell decided to make one of his last acts in office a controversial, ill-advised move.

During most of his term, Cornwell kept a tight lid on the number of liquor licenses, to the point that some businesses that lost their right to sell liquor have lawsuits pending against the village. Now on his way out the door, Cornwell pushed to add a new liquor license for a person who just happens to be leasing a building from one of his campaign donors. For some reason, the majority of the Village Board played right along.

Guess Cornwell and the board no longer care how self-serving this about-face looks to the public, or the potential consequences to the village and its residents. Even without a campaign donor involved, Cornwell and the board should be leaving decisions about adding liquor licenses to the incoming mayor and trustees.

The newly elected officials will be answerable to the people of Cahokia for the decisions they make, unlike Cornwell and the lame-duck trustees.