Mixed results for justice

Justice doesn’t always unfold as expected, as several recent news stories illustrate:

▪  An East St. Louis Housing Authority guard who shot a man while investigating a burglary is himself facing charges including official misconduct. Authorities say the guard was on cocaine at the time he shot the man in the back. And the man who was shot? He hasn’t been charged with anything. Expect more fallout in this case.

▪  A St. Louis woman who stole $19,000 intended for police charities faces 20 years in prison, while two Swansea brothers responsible for the theft of $1.6 million from the food stamp program face up to 15 years in prison. What, is stealing from police charities a bigger crime than stealing from the taxpayers?

▪  Two men, including a newly elected Alorton trustee, are charged with vote fraud for tampering with absentee ballots. Many liberals insist that vote fraud is a Republican myth perpetuated to suppress votes. But St. Clair County has now had seven vote fraud cases since 2012. Are those figments of prosecutors’ imagination?