Mayor again shows us that rules don’t apply to her

Alorton Mayor Jo Ann Reed in the village-owned car.
Alorton Mayor Jo Ann Reed in the village-owned car. Provided

A mayor is supposed to help make rules and then enforce them, but Alorton’s mayor is someone who doesn’t think the rules apply to her.

Alorton Mayor Jo Ann Reed has a long history of breaking rules.

Reed once mistakenly sent a fax to the BND detailing plans to fix a ticket for someone.

Reed took a cell phone and fast food to her niece in the village lockup. Felony contraband charge, pleaded to community service and now off her record. That’s a felony. Off her record.

Reed faces a new felony charge of vote buying. We all await her severe wrist-slapping if convicted of that.

Reed is driving a village police car. Trustees never authorized that. The car has a handicapped parking placard, apparently for her father who’s been dead for three months.

What are the chances our law-and-order mayor would park that police car in a handicapped spot or use the lights and siren to get to her next court hearing on time?

Rules? What rules?

Reed is the queen of breaking rules. Yet from the appearance of her incredibly poor village, she has no clue how to use them to help her community.