Burning leaves is a great way to get revenge on your neighbors

You’ve spent a few decades on the block and have some unsettled grievances. What better way to get even with your neighbors than to wait for fall and burn your leaves.

The Joneses’ kid used to tear down the street in that little compact car. The Ravaloskis’ dog won’t stop doing its business in your yard. The Mosleys keep their boat in the driveway all year. And you just know that smashed pumpkin on Halloween 2009 was the Raber punk.

Vengeance comes with that sweet fall smell of burning leaves. Or even better, get that really heavy pall over the whole subdivision by burning them a little wet.

So what if they need to close their windows to stop houses from smelling like smoke. You saved that $11 a month they are trying to gouge you for.

So a few kids and elderly neighbors go into respiratory arrest. Maybe they should take better care of their health, or maybe the gene pool needs a little cleaning.

Besides, maybe their discomfort or suffering is the price of liberty. Those socialists trying to turn Swansea into another nanny state aren’t going to tell you what you can or can’t do on your own property. Let the smoke drift where it may.

Oppose Swansea leaders who want to ban yard waste burning. That’s not smoke; that’s the sweet smell of freedom.

(Cough. Cough.)