Township supervisor denies being either fast or loose with taxes

East St. Louis Township Supervisor Alvin Parks
East St. Louis Township Supervisor Alvin Parks dholtmann@bnd.com

There is nothing about the Township “chief” that indicates that he plays at all. Nor is he fast or loose with taxes. Every dollar and every cent that the East St. Louis Township spends is approved by the Township Board of Trustees. Most of those expenses the Board approves in advance. Occasionally, as with any entity or business, situations arise that require immediate purchasing action. For those rare situations, we have spent first, kept the receipts, and presented them for retroactive approval.

We conduct our business openly and honestly. You are always welcome to attend our meetings and to ask any and all questions that you have.

Concerning the $888.81 check advancement to our staff member, I need to provide several clarifying points.

First, the original intent of the check was to pay Phil’s Lock Service. We did not state the amount at the time that Trustee Scott R. Randolph signed it (because we had not received Phil’s final bill), but he signed it with the intent that I would fill in the amount and present the check to Phil’s. Trustee Randolph played no role in diverting the check. There was no nepotism or cronyism involved.

Second, I, Alvin Parks, scratched out “Phil’s Lock Service” and made out the check to “Alvin Parks,” deposited the check immediately, and paid the vendor immediately that our employee needed to pay, using my personal debit card. The employee has paid the Township back completely as of July 21, 10 days prior to the time frame that he originally agreed to reimburse the Township.

Third, I accept any and all responsibility for trying to help our employee with an advance. The advance was not an expense, as it resulted in a net zero financial transaction.

As for the Township and its relevance, we work to do all we can for our seniors, disadvantaged citizens and our youth on a regular basis. Our primary areas of focus are in assisting in the provisions of shelter, sustenance, self-esteem and sustainability. While we do not do all that we would like to do, we do as much as we can to lift our community’s citizens. We will do more when we get more resources.

Please contact us at 618-874-3650 if you have questions. Additionally, feel free to donate to the Clyde C. Jordan Food Bank so that we can continue to do good for members of the community who need help.

Alvin L. Parks Jr. is the East St. Louis Township supervisor and former city mayor.
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