Parenting skills need polishing

Most parents want to do everything in their power to help their children learn and be happy and successful. Grandparents, too. But when being helpful ends up with criminal charges, the adults obviously have crossed the line.

We had two shocking, horrible examples of misguided parenting skills in the metro-east this week.

▪ In Collinsville a couple allegedly threatened and racially taunted a 12-year-old boy on Facebook. The boy’s offense? He liked the same girl as the woman’s son.

▪ In Godfrey, a grandmother is accused of bludgeoning to death her grandchildren’s cat and four kittens. According to law enforcement authorities, she told the police she did it because her grandchildren didn’t clean their rooms.

Let’s hope the children don’t in any way blame themselves for this bad behavior. These outrageous actions are all about the adults’ terrible choices.

If the adults were thinking about the welfare of the children, they wouldn’t have taken actions that could land them in prison, away from the children – although if the facts in these cases are correct, the children will be better off staying as far away from these adults as possible.