Rauner isn’t the problem

State Sen. Bill Haine helped kill a tort reform bill in committee last week – not based on what was in the bill but on what he called the “broken process” that Gov. Bruce Rauner used to draft it. Haine was furious that the lawyers’ lobbyists didn’t have a seat in Rauner’s working groups.

Haine suggested that if only Rauner had conducted business the way it has always been conducted in Springfield, lawmakers would have passed many of his reform ideas.

Oh, right. We all know how great Haine’s and his fellow Democrats’ process works.

The problem in Illinois hasn’t been too little input from lawyers, but rather too much. Our elected leaders have let the lobbyists write the laws. It’s part of the reason that Madison County, Haine’s stomping ground, is regularly ranked as one of the nation’s top “judicial hellholes,” why plaintiffs’ attorneys from all over the country flock to Madison County have their lawsuits heard there.

Catering to the lawyers is also a reason why Illinois’ workers’ comp costs are among the highest in the nation. Even Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan has said that the “reforms” passed a few years ago don’t go nearly far enough. Still, Haine was one of the senators who blocked a workers’ comp reform bill from advancing to the full Senate last week.

Haine complained that Rauner has a $30 million political fund to help advance his ideas and attack his opponents. After years of the Democrats controlling everything and getting away with so much, it’s obvious that Haine doesn’t like having the new Republican governor ready to hold him and other Democrats accountable for their actions and inactions.

The people of Illinois know all about broken processes. That’s why they elected Rauner – to fix those processes, not to play along.