State can’t pay for youth jobs

Gov. Bruce Rauner is getting blamed for cutting a summer youth jobs program in East St. Louis, among other things. Rauner’s just been on the job for a few months. What about blame for House Speaker Michael Madigan and Democrats, whose excessive spending and poor choices over the past few decades have gotten the state billions of dollars in debt?

It’s so much easier to blame a Republican governor in heavily Democratic St. Clair County than criticize the people really responsible for the state’s fiscal failures.

Vicky Kimmel-Forby, executive director of Emerson Park Development Corp., whipped up a crowd of about 600 youth last week. “What do we want?” she asked. “Summer jobs,” they shouted. She urged them to attend a meeting about county workforce investment on June 16.

Putting 600 youth to work sounds great. Maybe St. Clair County should fund it. Unlike the state, the county has money socked away – $44 million, according to a recent bond ratings report. What a wonderful message.