Rauner wants state to succeed

I was pleased to attend Gov. Bruce Rauner’s rally on Monday at Eckert’s in Belleville. Although there were some labor union members with professionally made signs who disrupted the governor several times, Rauner stayed focused and on message.

Rauner has a five-point plan to bring jobs back to Illinois, allow us to select our state representatives, freeze property taxes, properly fund our schools and end Chicago-style corruption and back-room deals.

Amazingly, some of the union members cheered at the thought of keeping House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton in office, even though manufacturing and other well-paid jobs are leaving Illinois and we are mired in debt.

South Carolina is building Boeing jets, Texas is building Toyota trucks and Wisconsin is building a future.

Illinois is my adopted home; my wife’s family goes back several generations, having farmed the land since the mid 1800s in St. Clair County. We both want the state to succeed and be a great place to live in and not to escape from. This is Illinois’ last shot to be a productive and desirable place to live.

Phil Henning


Turnaround is needed

We were excited to have Gov. Bruce Rauner come to Belleville last week to share his vision of how to turn Illinois around so we can become a job-creating state again.

In the last nine years, Illinois lost 96,000 union jobs. In the last three years, Indiana has created 53,000 union jobs under Republicans.

House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton have run Illinois into an economic ditch and they want to keep us there to maintain their power. It is up to our local Democratic representatives and senators to divorce themselves from that failed leadership and to support Rauner’s turnaround agenda to return both union and non-union jobs to our state.

Timothy L. Buchanan

Chairman, St. Clair County Republican Party