Separating religion from elected duty

The Madison County Board recently updated its employee handbook to make it clear that discrimination against transgender people is wrong, but not everyone was on board or happy.

An Alton minister spoke about pushing a “sexual agenda” that is contrary to 94 percent of the population’s beliefs. Board members complained about not getting more chance to speak about the issue. One wanted a change to register her individual vote against the language instead of having her voice lost in the group “aye.”

This is the same language that also protects veterans, pregnant women and aligns with state law, by the way.

Remember when the constitution separated church from state? Well, that’s not about divorcing the two, but it is about expecting our elected leaders to be able to separate their religious beliefs from their societal duties.

Protecting all employees from discrimination in the workplace is a duty. They are welcome to separately pray that everyone’s minds are wired exactly like theirs.