Our fondness for the cooks

We recently put the closing of The Pie Pantry in Belleville on our front page. We saw online traffic flock to stories about Ravinelli’s closing in O’Fallon and Lotawata Creek’s fire in Fairview Heights.

Why do we all seem to be so obsessed with food?

Well, we certainly like to eat out. Some of our local restaurant chains have some of their top franchisees locally.

But there’s more than that. Our culture has shifted, and we don’t always have all day Sunday to make the big meal. When the children are gone, it’s easier to let someone else cook and clean up.

Plus there’s something about meeting family, friends or coworkers over a meal. Breaking bread together just creates goodwill.

So excuse our devotion to the folks who stand in for our cooking parents. We’re still trying to separate food from love.