Fowl deception in East St. Louis

Maybe the folks who pay your bills when you can’t work need a new spokes-duck? There’s the lame duck mayor in East St. Louis who got the $100,000 city manager job, but instead of quacking about supplemental insurance he moves his bill and lots of fluff and feathers come out: “AHL-Vin!”

Three FBI agents show up in the East St. Louis Police Department Tuesday. What did they want? The Duck tells us they just wanted to help the department do a better job with its internal affairs investigations.

“They want to, and we want to, make sure it’s done in the proper way,” he said.

Did the agents announce their visit? No, but The Duck had a feeling they might be stopping by for a friendly chat about police procedure and helping out and the weather.

The agents visited the city’s Department of Regulatory Affairs. “Quack,” nothing to see there, either.

And then there was FBI Special Agent Charles A. Willenborg serving a summons to current City Treasurer Charlotte Moore to produce records from the city’s towing program. Those would be the city towing program records that auditors found were such a hash under The Duck’s administration during City Treasurer Joe W. Lewis Jr.’s years of working without a surety bond to cover the city from theft or incompetence.

It sure looks like the ducks are on the pond, and the duck hunters are wearing FBI raid jackets.