Swan song for township

We’re getting closer to writing the obituary for Belleville Township, but they’re not quite dead, yet.

There will be more political thrashings and lingering now that Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed the death warrant and the township attorney was authorized to draft the death certificate. What we really need is a good silver crucifix and a wooden stake to quickly save taxpayers their $40 a year in property taxes that the township machine regurgitates into $15 for needy folks.

Speaking of saving taxpayers, new township Trustee Michael Hagberg seemed intent on finding savings to offset his $2,500 trustee salary. Maybe he could target those savings as well as donate back his salary. Following his lead, the other trustees could attend their two meetings a month and serve unpaid as well. They could consider it a practice run for the township and their salaries being gone, or penance for being so fiscally irresponsible for so long.

Then there is the carcass to consider: a grand gesture to combat homelessness was advised. We guess the $700,000 the township amassed in reserve funds is being eyed.

Maybe those tax dollars could help forge a way to help the homeless — or be refunded to taxpayers — but we certainly don’t see a need to keep the township going and spending while that question is decided. End it, quickly, and put taxpayers out of their misery.