Apologies to woman’s family

Jonathon Nast is sorry.

He’s sorry he was at a Breese bar until 2 a.m., got behind the wheel and hit Lana Albert.

He’s sorry he left her to die in a ditch.

He’s sorry he drove all the way to Murphysboro and tried to get a salvage yard to crush his truck to hide the evidence of his crime.

He’s sorry he didn’t call police and admit anything until after the salvage yard called the cops and the story was all over the media.

His lawyer said Nast’s excuse is that he thought he’d hit a deer, not a young woman from Edwardsville.

Wouldn’t even the sorriest excuse for a person stop to check on a wounded animal and call the cops if it needed to be put down — that is, unless they were driving drunk? Albert’s lawyer is the only one buying the deer excuse, anyway.

It is understandable that Albert’s family didn’t want their loved one’s memory dragged through the mud. Yes, she was drinking and wandering in and out of traffic, but those who judge her and see her responsible for her own death should consider whether Nast would be any less guilty if Albert had been impaired by diabetes or a heart condition.

Let’s not blame the victim. In this sorry excuse for justice, the blame rests with the guy who skated with a $2,500 fine and as little as 90 days in jail — to be served at his convenience — instead of getting the 15 years in prison he deserved.