Ugly reality of sex trafficking

It will be a very long time until we again think it is funny or cool to consider a guy in a purple velvet suit and a wide-brimmed, leopard-print hat as a pimp daddy.

The reality of Marcus Dewayne Thompson and Robin Thompson pimping out young girls is just too ugly and sad.

A 15-year-old East St. Louis-area girl was caught up by them and promised a modeling job. For the next 47 days she was taken across the country and repeatedly sold for sex at the rate of $1,000 a day, threatened with guns, beaten for refusing anal sex, beaten for escaping, threatened with being chopped up and fed to alligators, sold for $2,000 to a mean trucker and saw another girl die in her arms.

Her father sat in the hearing, staring at the Thompsons.

“I can’t imagine what the father must be going through,” U.S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton said. “I am a father of a daughter. As a parent, to know what this man and woman did to your daughter, I can’t imagine what the family is going through.”

It is also difficult to imagine what the girl is going through, or the lifetime of damage that was done to her and at least four others.

Preying on children for money is the kind of evil that demands harsh punishment, and neither the judge nor the Thompsons’ fellow inmates couldn’t be blamed for meting out the Old Testament variety.