Befuddled Brombolich’s 20 innocent mistakes

Collinsville City Councilwoman Cheryl Brombolich misused city accounts 20 times as a city employee.
Collinsville City Councilwoman Cheryl Brombolich misused city accounts 20 times as a city employee. znizami@bnd.com

Collinsville City Councilwoman Cheryl Brombolich must believe in the 20 strikes and you’re still not out rule.

If you take her explanations at face value, that’s about the only interpretation for how she could make so many “mistakes” and still not be responsible for $3,358.32 in personal purchases on city accounts. Her further explanation is that everybody did it, that she was singled out because she was a woman who challenged male authority and that none of it matters because she repaid the money.

In some cases she repaid the money well after she was caught.

Let’s remain in Brombolich-la-la land for a moment: Oops, I thought it was my mom’s credit card. Oops, I used my co-worker’s credit card. Oops, I though the recipient was paying the FedEx charge.

She paints herself as the hapless, flighty, silly-old-me victim whose transgressions were brought to light by those with agendas.

Or, there’s another interpretation.

A loose system allows those in a position of trust to abuse the system. They get their purchases tax-free by using a city account. Their finances are in such a shambles that they must use their mother’s credit card, or use a city credit card, to get what they want when they want it. They feel entitled to purchase 26 pairs of Nike tennis shoes for $2,143.73 because it is a sports emergency, but they don’t have the money so they use their co-worker’s city credit card. They beg a co-worker to cover up their abuse of city coffers — multiple times.

That would be a dishonest person who has decided they are entitled to perks because of all the good they do. Too bad city leaders didn’t move faster and fire her for cause; She was able to slide out the door with her taxpayer-funded pension intact.

So incompetent scatterbrain or unrepentant, self-righteous thief: Neither one belongs in city government as either a worker or elected leader. Brombolich should apologize and resign from the council.

Additionally, an auditor needs to take a hard look at those city accounts for other abuses if seven department heads also had to reimburse the city. Plus the city administration needs to make sure all the employees understand and follow the rules regarding city purchases.

There was a climate in Collinsville City Hall that Cheryl Brombolich did not create, but she sure took advantage of it.