Need a job? Maybe Mike’s got the answer

Illinois Policy

If there were any doubt that our Springfield dysfunction is hurting our state’s economy, look no farther than the latest unemployment figures or The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page.

Illinois’ unemployment rate went up in April and is the highest in the nation, tied with Alaska at 6.6 percent. Last month there were 9,700 more Illinoisans who couldn’t find a job than in March.

The Journal editorial took aim at Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Democratic supermajorities in both houses: “Rather than compromise, Democrats are trying to shut down the government so the public rises up in anger. But Mr. Rauner has used legal duct tape to keep essential services running, and the state has managed to spend some $35 billion even without a budget. Illinois citizens don’t seem to miss the non-essential services, though the state comptroller says Illinois has a $7 billion backlog in unpaid bills.”

They go on to praise Rauner for standing strong despite liberal pressure.

But the Journal also makes clear to their readers, who lead the business world, and in the most prominent spot on their Opinion page, that Illinois remains very hostile territory.

The folks in Springfield failed to pass a 2016 budget to put some controls on state spending, and the supermajorities just blew through the deadline with only a joke of a 2017 budget passing the House — thank you, Democratic state minions Jay Hoffman, Jerry Costello II, Eddie Lee Jackson and Dan Beiser — that would have spent $7 billion more that we have. The difference from last year when we were in this same dark place is that lawmakers refuse to pass a partial budget so schools can be assured they will open in the fall.

Illinois seems to be learning to live without a budget.

But can we learn to live without schools? Can we learn to live without jobs?

Reforms grow jobs. Higher taxes kill jobs.

If you need a job maybe you should call one of our four local Democrats, or better yet, their puppet-master Madigan at 217-782-5350 or 773-581-8000. Chances are Madigan will have some blah-blah “blame Rauner” blah-blah “protect the middle class” platitudes to share — but no job leads.

Your best bet for finding a job would be to move to another state.