Letters to the Editor

Hillary was the first ‘birther’

The Dems are bending over backward refuting the notion that the “Birth-er” movement began with the Clinton campaign in 2008. They deflect it away from her by blaming it on Trump. It’s a worn-out Democrat Party ploy: keep repeating the narrative over and over, until enough people believe it to be true. In 2008, her campaign did not openly question whether Obama was born here or not. It was more of a veiled insinuation, but the intent was clear. But if the Clinton campaign had nothing to do the “Birth-er” allegation, why did Hillary publicly apologize to Obama back in 2008 for making the allegation and why were individuals in her campaign fired because of it?

Also, don’t be surprised, if on Election Day, the Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers bunch park themselves outside polling places in key states, all in an attempt to “persuade” you deplorables to not bother voting.

And now for something completely different: a high-ranking lib in the Democrat Party declaring to the world that the only way to save the planet from global warming is to abort as many babies as possible. And these are the people who want to rule our country. Is it any wonder that our country (and the planet, as well) is going to hell in a hand basket? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. And so frightening.

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle