Letters to the Editor

Couldn’t be prouder to support Herb Roach

Recently, Barb Viviano, first vice chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party, sited that the chairman of St. Clair County Board attended a fundraiser for Mayor Candidate Herb Roach. Did she also notice that a former Republican state representative from Missouri with his wife, a former aide to an Illinois Republican state representative, two members of the local Republican (pachyderm) club and members of the local Democratic club were also present? It should be pointed out that only one candidate belongs to a political party, and that is not Herb Roach. Viviano also complains that it is Mark Kern who is behind the challenge to Chris Hursey’s candidacy, but it was Phil Goodwin who gave Hursey the wrong requirement for filing. This was subsequently substantiated by the local elections board. Go figure!

There were bankers, doctors, an insurance executive, a contractor, manufacturer, carpenters, laborers, realtors, managers of auto dealerships, lawyers, waitress, bus driver, mechanic, a former state trooper, retirees and people in their mid-20s. It seems like we have a candidate that reaches out to all sectors of the population and not just a select kitchen cabinet.

I’m extremely pleased to see Roach attract the support of both sides of the aisle. Hopefully this means that we will keep our city politics out of the same partisan politics that we see in both Springfield and Washington.

It’s great to have someone running that cares equally for all sectors of our community and I couldn’t be prouder to support Roach.

Mike McAnally, O’Fallon