Letters to the Editor

Stand against education cuts

Every afternoon, I make my kids do their homework. They don’t always like it, but it’s non-negotiable because I know how important their education is for their future. Unfortunately, the White House has just released a budget that spells disaster for children worldwide. The president has suggested eliminating the main account that funds our education efforts. Congress has to say no.

Already, 40 percent of the children in the world can’t read a single sentence. In many places the number of literate adults is far less than that, and the number of women and girls who have that power is even lower. Many countries lack the financial resources, organizational power, and expertise needed to educate their citizens.

However, the United States has these resources and much to gain by lending them. When children get an education, they are less vulnerable to infectious disease, starvation, and violence. When a family educates their children, the whole family gains leverage to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. When we lend our efficiency and resolve, we can create sustainable and lasting change, and a safer world. If we withdraw our support, we will abandon millions of children whose hope for the future comes from our help.

I urge Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth and Representative Mike Bost to stand against these cuts and stand up for kids around the world.

Sarah Borgstede, Belleville