Letters to the Editor

Standing up for kids will make a difference in future

Standing up for kids around the world will make an incredible difference in the future. (“Stand against education cuts” Sarah Borgstede, Belleville News-Democrat, May 27, 2017) When kids are educated the birth rate drops, health gets better, opportunities expand, and there is a new hope. Terrorists don’t like it because it decreases their recruitment possibilities. So call, write, or visit your representatives and senators, asking them to support the State Department and programs like the Global Partnership for Education. This multinational group works with countries to create plans to educate all children. The countries start by paying 20 percent and gradually take over the program completely. So pick up the phone or a pen and make sure America continues to give children in our world a hand up so they will grow up able to help themselves and their country.

Willie Dickerson, Snohomish, Washington