Letters to the Editor

You stole from an airman who spent 25 years serving his country

To the thief in Brookside Estates, O’Fallon:

On the evening of July 11, you didn’t just steal a package containing an American flag, retirement pin and retirement certificates. You stole a gift from our nation to an airman that dedicated over 25 years of service to his country. An airman who selflessly volunteered on numerous deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to name a few. You also stole a certificate of appreciation to his wife, who stood by his side each and every day and countless, sleepless nights wondering if he and his fellow airmen were OK while deployed, not knowing if he would return healthy, physically and mentally. These items mean nothing to you and everything to his family. And to your parents, don’t you get even just a little bit curious as to how your kids obtain these items? I hope one day you find God before it’s too late. I also hope you find it in your heart to return these items.

Richard Hosman, O’Fallon