Letters to the Editor

It’s a bit hard to fathom

Gary Like of Highland dislikes my liberal views. After using the broad-assumption phrase “it is common knowledge” etc. etc., in reference to Hillary Clinton’s guilty use of a private server, he goes on to write, “Anyone with nothing to hide would do the same.”

Huh? That is a bit hard to fathom. Like then tries to justify the Trump breach of security in the Oval Officer with the Russian foreign minister as having to do with an ISIS plot. In any case, the disclosure compromised the security source.

Like then goes on to accuse liberals of “suppression of free speech.” Huh. I all along thought the buffoon Donald Trump was the one who wished to suppress free speech so as to reduce the daily media criticism. In addition, Trump has advocated revising the libel laws so as to make it easier to sue for libel and that such a threat would reduce criticism.

I know not if Like is a senior citizen, but if not, he will be one day. Social Security was forced through in 1935 by a Democratic Congress, with Franklin Roosevelt’s support and against fierce Republican opposition. Medicare was made law by a Democratic Congress under Lyndon Johnson in 1965, again against Republican hostility and intransigence. What has the Republican Party, the party of the wealthy, done for you lately? About all I know it has done is let you keep your guns and when wealthy Republicans get a big tax break they let you have a little one.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon