Letters to the Editor

President Trump’s budgeting priorities will harm our country

President Donald Trump’s budgeting priorities will harm our country domestically and in the foreign sphere.

Trump’s 2018 budget proposes the biggest cuts in innovation of any administration in history. The president’s budget slashes climate science and clean energy research, basic science and medical research as well as research for advanced manufacturing. The budget cuts research and development five percent. In addition, the Trump budget calls for a 70 percent reduction in Manufacturing U.S.A., which partners the academic sector with the private sector to promote innovation in areas like 3-D printing.

Supporting research and development is important to our economy because innovation breeds successful businesses. One example would be the internet, which was developed by the government. Much research and development must be funded by the government because of its capital-intensive nature — it’s often too expensive for private firms to fund.

Where do President Trump’s priorities lie? He has proposed a $54 billion increase in defense spending when we already spend as much on defense as the next eight countries combined! At this time, polls show Americans are tired of military interventions after Iraq and Afghanistan. However, Trump’s budget sends a different message.

American commerce is very popular oversees. It allows us to project our power and values in a non-lethal way and build positive relationships with other countries. It would be nice to have a president that understood how interconnected nature of the world and the importance of research and development and innovation!

Jason Sibert, Peace Economy Project, St Louis