Letters to the Editor

You may not agree, but something had to be done somewhere

To writer Glenda Harris, Bruce Rauner has not held the state hostage; Mike Madigan has held us hostage since 2001 when he made sure to get his unbalanced budget signed. He has been the one to hurt middle class all these years, he has been the one who added to debt and made sure there was a tax hike every year.

You may not agree with something Rauner is doing, but something had to be done somewhere. We have had debt since 2001 and instead of it going down any, we keep adding more of a tax hike every year to help pay for all the over spending that happens each year. ‘Cause GA keeps spending more money than the state has to pay things, they don’t seem to care how much they spend as long as they get want they want, and will the budget that just got overruled by our legislatures, we will be adding again to the debt, instead of paying on it.

This bill was supposed to help with things; it will help with backlog of bills but that is it. It doesn’t cover pensions or do anything towards the debt.

How much more tax hike will we have to endure to get things taken care of? When will it be enough? Many can barely afford to pay the taxes now.

Lori Felts, Worden