Letters to the Editor

Respect is like money, you have to earn it

The mainstream media’s tizzy over President Donald Trump’s “previously undisclosed meeting” with Vladimir Putin serves to highlight what’s wrong with America’s press corps. From the frenzied reporting you’d have thought that Trump and Putin were caught in a small private room sharing a Krokodil needle, exchanging state secrets, and plotting their joint takeover of the world.

Instead Trump was hiding in plain sight socializing in the midst of over 60 G20 official dinner attendees.

Sadly if you didn’t see the video, which involved international leaders and their spouses, the public could be easily misled into thinking it a Ural Mountain rather than just another of the media molehill.

Could it be that Trump is a big Godfather movie fan? In “The Godfather: Part II” fellow Michael Corleone shared his father’s sage advice with Frank “Frankie Five Angels” Pentangeli.”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” the fellow New Yorker cautioned.

“The Godfather was a fictional character, much like the mainstream media’s coverage of nearly everything Trump, Putin, or Russia. They seem to have a problem delineating fact from fantasy.

The mainstream media has taken on comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s old “I don’t get no respect” role. Respect is like money; you have to earn it.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon