Letters to the Editor

Tone of Edwardsville editorial was rude and baiting


I appreciate and respect your right to an opinion and your right to spark conversation. But I must say you seemed bent not on that but rather to inspire drama and controversy by mixing information that did not necessarily apply to the subject. The tone of this piece was rude, resentful and baiting. It is irrelevant to call Edwardsville “snowflakes” on a decision made by their school board.

You are in a position of power with your paper and I would recommend that your use of such might benefit from a little tempering. Our country is so divided right now, the type of sensationalism provided in this piece seems to add more fuel to a fire that is almost out of control on it’s own.

I appreciated that Brian Brueggemann listened respectfully to my concerns on the phone this morning. I hope you consider my concerns with the same respect.

Theresa Morrison, Edwardsville