Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on Hofbräuhaus, politicians shoveling snow, Illinois Democrats


Kudos to BND’s Answer Man, Roger Schlueter, for his in-depth explanation on why the Hofbräuhaus in Belleville bears the name “St. Louis.” Pity a first-time traveler to St. Louis that craves fine German cuisine only to find that Hofbräuhaus-St. Louis is in a different state and more than a 10-mile drive from downtown.

Opening? Oh, boy

Hofbräuhaus will open a month later than originally announced last month. They said things were not in their control. Things haven’t been in their control for more than two years. January or February, does anyone really care anymore?

Speedy service?

Supposedly the new German restaurant will be opening near the shrine. First of all, I’ll believe it when I see it. If the food and service at the soon-to-be-opened Hofbräuhaus is anything like how long it took to get this thing built, I want nothing to do with it.

Snow removal

In East St. Louis, to get work, you must be a convicted felon, know someone like Alvin Parks, be a criminal and have no conscience. This is in reference to the $550 snow removal from the infamous township property. The poor people of East St. Louis, as usual, do without and the politicians of East St. Louis take care of their own. Don’t worry, citizens of East St. Louis: Your parking lot is clear and the politicians are now focused on a lottery official who opened his mouth. We’ll focus on what this lottery official said instead of the day-to-day corruption of people like Alvin Parks.

Stating the obvious

The chairman of the Illinois Lottery Control Board who called East St. Louis the ‘shithole of the universe’ has resigned. Blair Garber should get a raise and a promotion for stating the obvious. Take a look at the corruption, blight, or elected officials continually wasting our money.

Midnight voting

East St. Louis Township is filled with corrupt political slime. East St. Louis Councilman Michael Collins has a long history of being a political piece of slime. Sadly, the Democrats above the bluff allow this happen, as long as the midnight votes are produced at election time.

Free parking

I think that St. Clair County residents should be exempt from the MidAmerica parking fees. After all, we paid for this debacle. Anything less than being exempt would be a double slap in the face.

Durbin’s paradise

Dick Durbin, the classroom tattletale, runs to the news media to complain that the bully, Donald Trump, said some of the most Eden-like paradises on earth, in crude terms, were not really very nice places. How dare he. I’m sure little Dicky will retire to one of these wonderful places when he does the people of Illinois a great favor and retires. In the meantime, he is trying to inflict more pain on our citizens by endorsing the politician who is boasting that he will spend more money that the state doesn’t have. If little Dicky really cared about the well-being of the state, he would have pushed harder to move the new mapping agency next to Scott Air Force Base, where it should be. However that is not what his lord and master wanted.

Durbin’s record

Dick Durbin, whose senator are you? Not Illinois’. Your only goal in Washington has been to suck up to Obama and wreak havoc on President Trump. Where were you when the NGA was going to select a location for a new facility? Must have been hiding in Obama’s pocket rather than looking out for Illinois and our tax dollars. Now you are endorsing Pritzker, the man who was heard negotiating with Gov. Blagojevich for a paid political appointment.

Immigrant story

Kudos to letter writer, legal immigrant, and now proud U.S. citizen, Anton Babic, for putting the current U.S. immigration debate into perspective. It’s refreshing to read about a foreigner who had the dream of U.S. citizenship and then painstakingly navigated his way through the wickets towards that prize. The destination was definitely worth the journey.

Cut Illinois taxes

Funny article about where the Illinois governor candidates stand on taxes. Seems the only person who won’t raise your taxes is the current Gov. Rauner. The field of democratic chicken-heads all want to raise your taxes. Make the rich pay more. Hey dummies, why do you think people and businesses are fleeing Illinois? With a 4.95 percent personal and 7 percent business state tax, is it any wonder Illinois is the worst state for people leaving? For every two people leaving only one moves in. The Democratic playbook of soaking the rich is getting old. How about reducing spending and eliminating unnecessary government agencies?

News to Hoffman

Thanks BND for making me laugh so hard. Your article “Lawmakers are going back to work in Springfield” is the best one liner I’ve read in a while. Then, it gets better. Swansea’s political stooge, “I’m for the middle-class” Jay Hoffman, is more concerned about a race track than solving the dire fiscal problems the state faces. But then, Hoffman and his democratic compatriots have caused the problems. Democrats are really funny when you let them run at the mouth. Hey Hoffman, the state’s broke and has no money for infrastructure.

Facebook news

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is creating a new algorithms to ensure users addicted to their phones and Facebook will be getting the real news. The news you read on Facebook will be based on user’s votes. Scientific evidence continues to mount showing a large number of the Facebook users are ambivalent to the world around them, and live through every five-minute post they make. A large number of Facebook users are depressed because everyone else on Facebook has a better life than they do. For many people, Facebook is a sickness, and Zuckerberg thinks these clueless, depressed individuals can distinguish between real news and fake news. Yah, right.

Factories vanish

Unemployment drops in metro-east for the seventh month in a row. I see signs of an economic rebirth in the metro-east. “Help Wanted” signs are in front of every restaurant and fast food place in the area. The metro-east is in the middle of a low-wage, low-skilled labor shortage. We need to import workers to fill our empty labor ranks. Think of all the state revenue $10 an hour can generate? Where have all the factories gone?

Priests in prison

Bishop Braxton first talks about the poor sick priest as though we should feel sorry for this pedophile, who was moved from one parish to another instead of being sent to prison. Then he has a huge column on how he dealt with racism as a child, even bringing up Ferguson. It’s the same crap the Catholic Church has done for years to divert the real problem to something else. The only reason priests became celibate was the Pope a few hundred years ago, decided that priests could not marry because when they did and died, their worldly belongings went to their family. He and the following Popes wanted priest’s property to go to the Church. The cover-ups have been appalling and yet the Catholic Church has gotten by with priests preying on children and even nuns. They call us their flock. It’s time to quit being sheep and demand these criminals be imprisoned like any other citizen.

Braxton’s leadership

Bishop Braxton needed to take care of Heckenberger. He did not perform those duties. Bishop Braxton is supposed to take care of the parishes in his diocese — he rarely shows up to perform confirmation and if he does, he is late. But he runs all over preaching about race. During the Easter season, he is in Rome preaching about race. The Catholic Church wonders why the pews are empty at Mass. Look no further than the likes of Bishop Braxton leading the flock.

Pitts’ opinion

Leonard Pitts is an excellent writer. However, his journalism is not true journalism. He reports factual data that supports only his issues, his view points. True journalism would report all sides of an issue, not just one point of view or opinion.

Taxing my health

Thank you, Democrats. Hidden in the ACA, passed in 2010 without anyone reading the entire document, was a law that allowed any dollar amount increase in Social Security to be applied in full to Medicare, thus keeping seniors at the same net income as previously. However, seniors will still be taxed on the full Social Security increased amount.

Dazed, confused

“Illinois bureaucrats are dazed and confused” sending Illinois jobs to Boston. Is the BND just figuring that out? Why do you think Illinois is at the bottom of the barrel? They elect Democratic incompetents to manage your money. It was only $1.2 million spent to see 29 jobs that won’t be created. Guarantee one thing — whoever awarded the contract got a real nice under-the-table thank you. That’s the way corrupt Democrats work in this state.

Illinois is dying

By any rational measure, Illinois is a dying state in terms of everyday people. Employees of the 7,000 units of government see things differently. They’re thriving. Salary, benefits, pensions, connections — it’s all good for them. The people paying for it all, not so much. In my voting lifetime, the U.S has elected for its leader an actor, a war hero, a hillbilly, a pampered son, an angry and hip community organizer and a no-nonsense business tycoon. The most good and the most damage has always occurred when the House and Senate give the leader a majority. In Illinois, the majority in the state House and state Senate has been Democrat forever, sometimes “super-duper” as it is now. Depending on who you are, things are super-duper here, or they’re not. A Republican leader has managed to get elected a time or two, but the Democrats own our once great State. Can any of you voters open your eyes and just maybe try something different? Can your heroes honestly tell you why the state is dying?