Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on school shootings, veterans' taxes, RINOs

Bloody hands

The blood of all the victims of the school killings as well as the blood of the Las Vegas victims is on the hands of the politicians, the gun lobbyists, and the National Rifle Association. How can these people sleep at night knowing they are part of the problem? They blame it on mental illness. A nation-wide ban needs to be placed on these automatic weapons. And yes, the Constitution does allow the right to bear arms but when it was written that meant a musket that fired one lead ball and took several minutes to reload. I hope you all are proud of yourselves. Remember, those young peoples' blood is on your hands.

Guns don't kill

The reason so many were killed in that Florida school shooting is simple. No one in the area had a gun except the freak who did the killing. All of the bleeding-heart liberal Democrats who want to get rid of guns — they tried it in Chicago. There are more people killed by guns in Chicago now. If somebody at that school or in that area had a gun, there wouldn't have been nearly as many killed, if any.

Blame Obama

You have to wonder to what extent of our national security was jeopardized due to the political trash Obama appointed in the DOJ, FBI, IRS, DEA, CIA, and every other government agency. Obama’s FBI person, Mueller, finally discovered Russian election involvement, which started back in 2014. Obama had Lynch, Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey chasing Hillary’s political enemies instead of dealing with national security. Mueller claims to indict 13 Russians, who will never stand trial. Mueller and his idiots can’t manage to follow-up on the $30 million Hillary and the DNC paid Fusion GPS and an FBI director's wife to create a fake Russian dossier on Trump. FBI still doesn’t have its house in order. They ignored the warning signs of the Florida school shooter. Time to fire anyone in Washington hired by our incompetent community organizer, Obama.

Thoughts, prayers

With the onslaught of school shootings in our country, the rhetoric on social media seems to be that "thoughts and prayers" are nothing more than a hollow substitute for meaningful action and change. How appropriate that Congressman Bost hand-delivered a bag of them to the Oval Office.

Union failings

It’s sad to see Tom’s Market closing, one of the last locally owned community service stores in our area. But the unions strike again and without the resources of the big box stores, the local stores can’t compete. Unfortunately, we have corrupt and incompetent union officials, who have mismanaged pension plans for years. You have to wonder why the workers still pay their union dues. For the union workers losing their jobs at Tom’s, maybe your union can help you out? Just don’t expect your retirement funds to support you in your later years.

Powder keg

I believe state senate candidate Tanya Hildenbrand has reason to be concerned about her opponent Bob Romanik’s scruples. He said “I don’t wish violence and mayhem on anybody,” but I beg to differ. When I had a sound-off printed that he took personal exception to, he ranted on-air as to what he would do if he ever got his hands on me. He’s a powder keg that could blow at any time.

Veterans' taxes

Property tax relief for Illinois veterans needs to be changed. Just because a veteran is given a disability by the Veterans Administration does not mean that the veteran is "disabled." If the veteran is disabled and can not work, then they should be exempt from paying property tax. There are too many disabilities to list here that a veteran can receive from the VA. Change the law to: $1,000 reduction in assessed value for each 10 percent disability given by the VA. A VA disability is double-dipping at the taxpayers' expense. A veteran with a 90 percent disability receives their full retirement pay, VA disability pay, and additional pay for dependents. Don't believe it, look it up at the VA's web site.

Bobble heads

The BND posted the responses to Gov. Rauner’s proposed budget from all the Illinois Democratic political bobble heads. There appears to be a disconnect between what a Democrat politician says and their actions. Greenwood, Hoffman, Costello, Pritzker all say they are for the middle class and spending more money for social services. So why do they continually vote to raise your state taxes, increase Illinois’ debt and don't solve Illinois’ $19 billion of unpaid bills? The state is a mess, the future of the state is uncertain without serious reforms, and the politicians in office now have made it that way.

RINOs running

State Rep. Charlie Meier's challenger sounds like a Democratic plant. Take the easy money breaks, make asinine accusations — next we'll hear Russians were in Southern Illinois — and claim Meier's not a conservative. Then there's Rauner's challenger, who can't get a sentence out without the word "conservative" in it five times. Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. Lazily fall back on and milk military experience to persuade the dumb Republican voters. Sorry, you two RINOs, no dice. Make no mistake voters, the blues up north are feeling the heat from down south and they've bought and paid for challengers to meddle in Republican politics down here.

Snow job

It is foolish to think that a steel fabricator can be enticed to relocate to the metro-east with our high taxes, over regulations, political corruption, street crime and powerful labor unions. Please quit snowing the former Granite City steel workers.

Consolidate schools

When will O'Fallon take a serious look at consolidation? Every time I see my property taxes go up, I cringe. I attended the Francis Howell School District in Missouri. There are 23 schools in that district. Can you guess how many superintendents there are? Just one. I wonder how many more teachers could be hired if there was only one superintendent salary to pay?

Trim government

After lowering taxpayer’s property taxes, Republican-run Madison County continues to try to save its residents money by eliminating unnecessary political jobs. Save the tax payers $100,000 a year by eliminating a political job, that’s a no-brainer. Employees in the recorder’s office wouldn’t lose their jobs. They would report to the County Clerk. Only person whining is the Democratic Recorder of Deeds, Amy Meyer. It’s about time government officials become responsible for the unnecessary and excess waste found in their departments. It’s my money being wasted, not theirs. I appreciate common sense solutions that save me taxes.

It's called prayer

The co-host of ABC’s “The View,” liberal blowhard Joy Behar, recently criticized Vice President Pence’s Christian faith when she mocked him for talking to Jesus, calling it a “mental illness.” Christians call it praying. Meanwhile, liberal darling and notional presidential candidate, Oprah Winfrey, told CBS’ “60 Minutes Overtime” that God has not told her to run for president despite widespread liberal hopefulness. You can't have it both ways.

Talking points

I think we all know U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin is a worthless politician. It’s no surprise Durbin starts the political rhetoric about gun control again. He tries to associate the Florida school shooting with the NRA and Republicans. Why is Durbin a hypocrite? Because when the Republicans offered a bill recently, backed by the NRA, to eliminate bump stocks, the Democrats voted it down. Durbin, Pelosi, and Schumer don’t care about you, your children or the American people. They only care about maintaining talking points. Republicans could offer a bill to ban AR-15s and the Democrats would vote against it, just to maintain their political talking point. Democrats have no solutions on anything.

Blaming gun

Typical Dick Durbin and the left-wing, knee-jerk reaction to the school shooting in Florida. Of course, the NRA supports Republicans. These political incompetents have tunnel vision. The shooter was by all accounts a deranged social misfit. People in Florida knew this kid was a problem but couldn’t connect the dots. This kid would have killed regardless of whether he had a gun or not. It wasn’t the gun's fault. Maybe Dick should consider passing a law requiring psychiatrists to report people who actually pose a threat to society, like the shooter. Real solutions to real problems.

Random kindness

On Feb. 16, I had dinner at Denny's. Halfway through my meal, my nice waitress said my meal was paid for. What a great surprise. Whoever paid, I hope you see this. Thank you and I hope only good things happen to you.

Hospital leaders

How many St. Elizabeth’s CEOs does it take to screw up a hospital? Peggy Sebastian is the fifth hospital CEO in 10 years and did not make it even two years at St. Elizabeth. Memorial Hospital is only on its third CEO in over sixty years.

Hand slap

Another slap on the hands for Jordan Goodwin. He was involved in sexual assault and it was swept under the rug. Apparently, we need him that badly on the St. Louis University basketball team. I'm sure he has a full ride. He should be expelled.