Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on school shooting, subsidence, TIF, airport

New Section 8

If building high end apartments in uptown Belleville is such a good idea, then why does the city have to provide TIF money and other tax breaks to the developer? What type of businessman would make a 20-year agreement to maintain the proposed apartments? Ten years from now, will they become Belleville’s new Section 8 housing? Belleville loses out on more tax revenue as the clueless give away TIF money.

Knock on wood

Belleville’s biggest joke, the Hofbräuhaus, is delayed because a local furniture manufacturer is behind schedule making the handcrafted furniture? The furniture should have been finished and sitting in a warehouse months ago. Construction for the Jack Flash convenience store and hotels will begin in 2020 and finish in 2025. Can’t wait.

Job openings

The St. Louis Hofbräuhaus is delayed again. I won’t believe it when the BND prints the Hofbräuhaus is open. Evidently, they couldn’t find enough Democrats to fill the job openings.

Who approved?

Heads ought to roll for this Wolf Branch school mine subsidence. I want to know the names of everyone involved in the building and approval process. I want to know about the school board and their lack of oversight, the engineers and everyone else. Why weren't subsidence studies done by the bank? This is St. Clair County. Somebody got this passed without the proper oversight and now taxpayers are going to have to eat this mess.

Buy local

In St. Clair County’s proposals to host NGA-West and later Amazon, they trumpeted the skills and qualifications of the county’s available manpower pool. Why is it that when it comes to MidAmerica Airport management Mark Kern and company chose a Chattanooga, Tenn., firm to run their parking operations and a consultant firm headquartered in Springfield, Ill., for oversight of their airport improvement program?

Cantwell's bonus

Business is apparently brisk out at MidAmerica Airport. It’s only February yet new contracts for airport parking operations and airport improvement program consultants will mean big bonus dollars for Airport Director Tim Cantwell in 2019.

Immigrant voter

Border patrol agents picked up an illegal immigrant in Arizona wanted in Chicago for murder. The immigrant violated his protected sanctuary city status by leaving Chicago. Lawyers are trying to determine if the illegal immigrant will be able to vote in the state elections this fall.

Cottage industry

Glad to read some good news about Illinois in the BND for a change. Seems Illinois has developed a cottage industry not available in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin or Iowa. Women from neighboring states come to take advantage of Illinois’ expanding abortion access. Think of the tourism dollars (lodging, meals, gas, medical) spent while spending a day or two in Illinois. Should we change the caption on our state license plates?

America's pastor

A memorial service in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda is an honor usually afforded to those who have performed service to the nation. What service did Billy Graham perform that, in the minds of some, qualified him for that honor? As far as I can tell, he won converts for his particular brand of religion and made a lot of money in the process. He also expressed views that were most certainly un-American: homophobia and anti-Semitism, to name but a few. Lastly, he paved the way for the increased intrusion of religion into public life, a disturbing trend in the last 50 years. Just because Billy Graham was good at his job and made a lot of money does not make him a hero. It doesn't even make him particularly admirable.

Gun control

I think most people believe we need tougher gun laws and background checks to keep assault weapons and guns out of the hands of felons to stop the school killings and other mass murders. The protests by high school students to change the public and politicians' attitudes and laws toward guns is admirable, yet researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, estimate more than 3,000 annual teen deaths nationwide from texting while driving and more than 300,000 injuries. Texting now surpasses teen drinking and driving deaths. Are they going to protest that too?

Safety first

Some gun rights activists say individuals old enough to serve in the military, old enough to fight and die for our country, should not have their Second Amendment right to firearms infringed. Less than 1 percent of our population actually serves this great country of ours. That leaves a lot of opportunities for terrible things to happen. Sensible gun laws, better mental health services and stronger family units should all be goals. We should all work together to put public safety first.

Trust government

Radioactive iodine, uranium and plutonium experiments, Army LSD experiments, Miss Evers' boys, Kent State, Agent Orange, Watergate, 9/11 warning signs, Parkland shooting FBI reports, Broward County Deputies staying outside the school, CDC and the first case of Ebola in the United States; yes, we can allow our government to disarm us. They only have our best interests at heart.

Stir the pot

Recently various businesses have severed ties with the National Rifle Association, eliminating various benefits previously afforded to NRA members. Lest we forget, the NRA doesn’t buy firearms, own firearms or sell firearms but their members may. Americans buy, own, or sell firearms. Boycotting NRA members just serves to stir the pot, not address the national gun control problem.

Wide brush

So brave of Edwardsville business, Datarecovery.com, to publicize in a recent BND article that they’d severed their business relationship with the National Rifle Association. In doing so, they not only alienated themselves from potential customers that just happened to be NRA members but any other potential future clientele who don’t believe that you should paint with such a wide brush when dealing with politically sensitive affairs.

Less is more

As the population of Illinois continues to decline, it makes sense that property taxes would go down, right? Fewer residents means fewer students and dropping home prices which should mean fewer expensive administrators, teachers and other government union folks sucking the taxpayer dry. But in Illinois, it's the opposite. More administrators, more teachers, and more government union folks to bleed the remaining taxpayers even more. At some point, the turnip will run dry. But hey, CNN and MSNBC are calling Illinois for the next Democratic presidential candidate.

15 minutes

Far too much coverage is being given to the shooting in Florida. All this does is encourage people to get their 15 minutes of fame by shooting other people.

No shooter names

The FBI says mass shooters want attention or notoriety and the anti-gun media obliges by sensationalizing each incident, sticking their microphones in the face of survivors and grieving families, airing the gratuitous anniversary stories and keeping memories fresh by citing past incidents when a new one occurs. They should deny the shooters' desires by blurring their faces and not mentioning their names unless they are still being sought. In those cases, they should limit that info to the local area being searched. They could self-censor the way they do when crimes are committed by illegal aliens.

Thanks, judge

I heard that Judge Randall Kelley retired last week. He was a good Judge. At the very least, we owe him a debt of gratitude for his service to our community.

Greitens' guilt

Some advice for Gov. Greitens of Missouri. If you want to skate through the mess you're in now, legally change your name to William Jefferson Clinton and you will walk away free and filthy rich. You're innocent until proven guilty. We've convicted Missouri Gov. Greitens already — calling for his resignation, etc. Maybe we should wait for the facts to come out in court before we say he's guilty.

School shootings

The recently published "another view" by the Chicago Tribune against arming teachers in school was a bit baffling. In 2017, Chicago had 2,785 shooting incidents and 3,457 shooting victims. Chicago students may not get shot at in school, at least not yet, but what about on the way to or from school? Perhaps the Tribune should focus on their local problem before they throw their two cents into eliminating school shootings elsewhere.