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BND reader opinions on steel tariffs, pedophile priests, MidAmerica Airport

Granite City steel jobs returning soon, with tariffs credited

U.S. Steel announced the startup of B blast furnace and potential for up to 500 jobs returning starting this month at its Granite City steel plant.
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U.S. Steel announced the startup of B blast furnace and potential for up to 500 jobs returning starting this month at its Granite City steel plant.

Steely Mike

As the BND article accurately noted, Mike Bost has been a stalwart champion of the domestic steel industry and workers at Granite City. For these efforts, the USW’s national union leadership repays him by endorsing his opponent and trash talking him. That says a lot about the value of that endorsement. Fortunately, we in Madison County know differently.

President Donald Trump said he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in response to what he called decades of unfair trade policies. Trump summoned steel and aluminum executives to the White House and told them that next week he would

Priest protected

Why do people put up with the Catholic Church when they allow this child molestation to go on year after year? Look at this case in Mascoutah. The bishop is ignoring these people and not giving them answers about their children. He needs to go and he should have left yesterday.

Airport appointees

The BND recently reported the St. Clair County Public Building Commission approved two long-term contracts and purchased upgrades to international border patrol security technology at the airport. Is anyone uncomfortable that a forum of political appointees is spending almost $700,000 of taxpayer money? Is there any county board oversight or don’t they want to be blamed if things turn south?

Price of beer

Bar owners were unfairly targeted by Mayor Eckert’s need to raise taxes on one of the few viable business sectors left in Belleville. At least there were four aldermen with common sense who voted against raising fees. Eckert must think bar patrons aren’t smart enough to notice the price of their beer going up. He’s probably right, but the business owners are smart enough to know when they are being unfairly squeezed.

Fees for pay

Would someone tell Roger Wigginton that the $180,000 they want to collect from bar owners is going into the general fund to pay for salaries, pensions and insurance? The general fund does not pay for road resurfacing. The city engineer never drafts plans for road resurfacing; the city always hires it out.

Town of taxes

Belleville residents can look forward to annual increases in fees and property taxes needed for TIF increases. Mayor Eckert said the city’s share of state income tax was down $500,000 last year and he needs more money. Spend everything the taxpayers give you, Mayor. As the overly-taxed people flee Belleville and Illinois, the loss of income will continue. Belleville will soon become the model for Section 8 housing and the few remaining property owners will not be able to afford the high property tax.

Wine whine

I’m sick of people whining about Eckert and the city council voting to increasing fees in Belleville. The state is in a fiscal mess, the county is in a fiscal mess and Belleville is in a fiscal mess. But the dumb voters keep re-electing the same Democrats over and over again. The outcome never changes. Enjoy your increased beer prices or drink elsewhere. Every time you take a swig, just say to yourself, “I voted for this.”

No parking

Mayor Eckert has the cart before the horse on Meredith Home. Parking is a major issue for senior citizens and other housing projects. Public transportation is not a solution for the grocery store, doctors visit, shopping, church, visiting family and friends, and the list goes on. Senior citizens are not attracted to tavern food and that is basically the only option in downtown Belleville. Parking is the elephant in the room and without it you don't have a viable business plan. I'm surprised the BND seems supportive of this plan.

Cost to park

What causes politicians to waste money on projects without thinking the project through? I was reading about the cost of Obama's Presidential Library. Like the Democratic Meredith Home project, neither project has sufficient space for the needed parking. The proposed senior Meredith Home shows it will cost Belleville taxpayers less than $50K a year. Just wait until the taxpayers find out how much adequate parking for the home will cost them.

County parking

Why in the world did Democratic politicians get involved with the Meredith Home to start with? As usual it will cost the taxpayers, just not as much as most of Eckert’s TIF ideas. What makes the whole idea comical is the plan has only 16 parking spaces for 47 units. The explanation is old people don’t drive, or will shop and dine in downtown Belleville. How about assigning the seniors parking spaces in the county garage? Only a block to walk in the rain and snow for the old people.

Airport money pit

Loved the BND MidAmerica article quoting Plautus, “You must spend money to make money.” Perhaps Mark Kern and his board of spenders should follow Thomas Jefferson who said, “Never spend money before you have it.”

Student union

To understand why higher education costs are rising faster than inflation look no farther than University of Illinois. Why is U of I attendance shrinking every year and the quality of education students receive slipping? One reason is the Graduate Employees Organization has been on strike. In other words, another greedy union is demanding more benefits for the 2,700 grad students with less work. Do you spend $15K a year to go to a college to be taught by a grad student or a $200K a year professor?

Administrative cut

Looks like the Wolf Branch School District has done it again — they have released the elementary principal of her duties after this year and will only provide the district with a principal with only two years of experience to handle two schools. Was budget cuts the reason? If so, then why do they need so many PE teachers? Does a school district of 850 students need an assistant superintendent and a superintendent? Looks like the good ole boys have it all together. Is it a conflict of interest to have an employee working at the school whose spouse is on the school board?

Toys for boys

Why all the talk about banning assault rifles? Us "big boys" need our toys. We can't use AR-15s or AK-47s for hunting. The only thing we do with them is play army and shoot up stuff. The same goes for bump stocks.

Unsecured ammo

I was shocked to see ammunition laid out on open tables at a store in Collinsville. It was not under lock and key at all — shocking.

Teen lecture

The generation that gave us the Tide pod challenge is now lecturing responsible gun owners on the Constitution.

Leftist gun ploy

Saw a story on TV about Florida students returning to school after the shooting; do we really need to know that? Do we really need to know there was a bevy of police, grief counselors and therapy dogs available? Or is it just a subtle way to keep the Leftist anti-gun agenda in the news?


A 19-year-old walks into a local sporting goods store and inquires about buying a handgun. The young man produces his Illinois-issued FOID card but the clerk refuses to sell him a weapon based on the company’s recent policy change to require customers to be 21 years old or older to purchase firearms. Why isn’t that age discrimination and not so different than a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple?

JB's rosy ads

I love JB Pritzker’s rosy TV commercials. He’s painted as an Illinois savior. I was disappointed to learn he has absolutely no ideas on how to solve Illinois’ fiscal problems. Typical Democrat — say one thing and be clueless on real ideas. As we know, Pritzker has provided tens of millions of dollars to Illinois Democrats over the years. Even Blago knew he could raise $10 million for a senate seat. Pritzker owns Dicky Durbin. That’s why you see Durbin in so many commercials.

Votes for Rahm

This week, the national news used the city of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a prime example of a lack of fiscal and moral responsibility. Chicago pension systems are broke, the city is broke, the murder rate is record-setting despite have the toughest gun laws in the country. Emanuel’s solution is to make Chicago a sanctuary city and provide illegal immigrants with a driver's license or state ID, so they can vote in the upcoming elections. The large number of illegals in Chicago are also placing a strain on the city’s shrinking welfare resources. With fewer dollars going to more social services, the Democrats are not guaranteed their reliable voting block will stand with them. But with 800,000 new illegal voters, Emanuel figures he will be re-elected.

What's the plan

When I see a candidate running for office and the first thing they say is "Let's stop Donald Trump," that is an automatic turn-off for me. I won't be voting for that person. I will vote for the person who actually has a plan and talks about what they are going to do for Illinois.

Fiction writer

Is Jim Walters a real person? Or did the BND create a fictional person just to sell more newspapers?

Coach's service

I am shocked and disgusted at the recent actions taken by McKendree University athletic director Chuck Brueggemann and President James Dennis. They tried their best to minimize what they did to Coach Harry Statham by telling the news media that Coach's service has "concluded." An 80-year-old coach who served the university for 52 years, brought notoriety and many wins, donated money to have new locker rooms built, and was the most-winning coach in all levels of college basketball. Shame on them for treating someone like that after 52 years of service.

Young coach

Good job, McKendree. Now do the right thing and get a young coach in there to make a difference and turn things around.