Who set Broncos’ record in 1999?

Today’s question: This running back attended Long Beach State and the University of Georgia. He set a Denver Bronco record in 1999 for most rushing attempts in the postseason, as well as most yards and most touchdowns. He was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXII. And the following year he finished the season with 2008 yards. Who is this back?

Yesterday’s answer: Phil Dawson. Phil’s first controversial kick was during the November 2007 game with the Ravens. The Ravens were in the locker room celebrating, then after the kick was ruled good, they had to return to the field for overtime. The Browns won. A similar kick happened in December 2007, during a game with Buffalo. Cleveland won then also. Before the rule change, kicks that hit the uprights or crossbars couldn’t be reviewed but after 2007 such plays can be reviewed. Some call this the “Phil Dawson Rule.”