The Cardinals not-so-fond memories

The New York Mets failed to rally from as 3-1 deficit to win a postseason series when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series on Sunday. But it has been done before. Ten times a team has rallied in either the League Championship series or the World Series to win. Three times, the St. Louis Cardinals have been the victims in these comebacks.

Today’s question: What years did the St. Louis Cardinals lose either the NLCS or World Series after holding a 3-1 lead in games and what teams beat them.

Yesterday’s answer: Four-way tie between Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU and Auburn. They are the teamsthat finished the season unranked the year before winning a BCS (Bowl Championship Series title. Oklahoma went 7-5 in 1999 before winning the 2000 BCS title. Ohio State went 7-5 in 2001 before winning the 2002 title. LSU went 8-5 in 2002 before winning the 2003 title. Auburn went 8-5 in before winning the 2010 title.