Two-time winners of the Olympic Decathlon

Today’s question: The winner of the Olympic Decathlon — a grueling 10-event competition over a two-day period — is widely accepted as the greatest amateur athlete in the world. Only two men have won it twice. Who are these incredible athletes.

Yesterday’s answer: The first National Leaguer to have his number retired was Willard Hershberger of the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds retired the catcher’s number 5 after he spent all three seasons of his career with them from 1938-1940. He was killed under mysterious circumstances in August 1940, then the Reds retired his number. In 1942 it was finally deemed by police and investigators that Hershberger had committed suicide. The Reds then re-activated the number 5. Johnny Bench wore the number during his storied career with the “Big Red Machine.”