Who was coordinator for the Steel Curtain?

By Dean Criddle

Today’s question: This former University of Missouri head coach was the defensive coordinator for the famed NFL Pittsburgh Steelers “Steel Curtain” defense. Who is he?

Yesterday’s answer: On June 9, 2000, in the NBA finals, Shaquille O’Neal attempted a stunning 39 free throws against the Indiana Pacers. Not only did he shatter the NBA record for free throw attempts in one game, he also broke the records for most free throw attempts in a half and in a quarter. Even more shocking, he broke the record for most free throws made in one half in a playoff game with 13. Not so shocking, he only made 18 of his 39 total free throws attempted. Despite the rather successful Hack-a-Shaq strategy, O’Neal still scored 40 points and the Lakers defeated the Pacers 111-104.