How local D-1 players performed

College Basketball

▪ MALCOLM HILL (Illinois, Belleville East): Scored 10 points with six rebounds in the 79-54 loss to Michigan State.

▪ ROOSEVELT JONES (Butler, O’Fallon): Scored 15 points, four rebounds, four assists, and five steals in the77-72 win over DePaul.

▪ GARRET COVINGTON (Western Illinois, Edwardsville): Scored 16 points with two rebounds and four assists in the 67-60 loss to IUPUI.

▪ ARMON FLETCHER (SIU Carbondale, Edwardsville): Scored eight points and two rebounds in the 83-58 loss to Wichita State.

▪ DARIUS AUSTIN (Missouri-Kansas City, Cahokia): Scored two points, with two rebounds in the 83-72 loss to CSU Bakersfield.

▪ EMONDRE RICKMAN (Indiana State, Collinsville): Scored two points with two rebounds in the 77-65 win over Illinois State.

▪ C.J. RIVERS (Drake University, Cahokia): Scored three points and three rebounds in the 77-44 loss to UNI.

Women’s College Basketball

▪ KATIE HEMPEN (Highland, Arizona State): Scored 13 points with two rebounds and an assist in the 68-61 win over Washington.

▪ KYMBER HILL (Althoff, Massachusetts): Scored six points and seven rebounds in the 62-58 loss to Saint Joesph’s.

▪ AALIYAH COVINGTON (Edwardsville, St. Louis): Scored 11 points two rebounds and two assists in the 77-72 win over VCU.

▪ ERICA BROWN (Nashville, Eastern Illinois): Scored 17 points and four rebounds in the 89-61 loss to Belmont.

▪ BROOKE SCHULTE (Mater Dei, DePaul): Scored 11 points and four rebounds in the 75-53 win over Georgetown.

▪ KORTNEY DUNBAR (Edwardsville, Tennessee): Didn’t record a stat in two minutes of action in the 74-66 loss to Florida.

▪ SYDNEY BLOCH (Edwardsville, UMSL): Scored two points with four rebounds and four assists in the 64-55 loss to University of Indianapolis.

Compiled by Kyle Ishman, Belleville News-Democrat