What big winner never earned a Cy Young?

Today’s question: Back in 1966, Jim Kaat of the Minnesota Twins won 25 games and did not win the Cy Young Award. From 1956 to 1966 there was only one Cy Young winner each year. Kaat lost out to 27-game winner Sandy Koufax in 1966. But Kaat had no reason to complain. Can you name the NL pitcher who won 25 or more games three times and never won the Cy Young?

Yesterday’s answer: Dick Fosbury was in the high jump. Fosbury was one of the most influential high jumpers in modern Olympic history. His technique, known as the “Fosbury Flop,” involves the jumper clearing the bar head first and backwards. Until Fosbury introduced his unique style, most jumpers used a straddle technique, the sometimes ended in injury. Fosbury's style was completely innovative, allowed for higher jumps, and is used by almost all high jumpers today.