NFL MVP was 26th draft pick

Today’s question: The first round of the 1996 National Football League draft included linebackers Kevin Hardy (No. 2), John Mobley (No. 15) and Reggie Brown (No. 17), but this MVP lasted until pick No. 26. Who was he?

Yesterday’s question and answer: Taking part of the Olympic motto “Faster” to heart, which U.S. female runner set records in the 1988 Olympics that stood for decades afterwards? The answer: Florence Griffith Joyner: Olympic athletes know that their gold medal performance often means that they were the best in the world on that particular day and someone could be faster tomorrow. In the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea, however, Florence Griffith Joyner set records in the women’s 100 and 200 meter dashes that held up into the next century. Griffith Joyner died in her sleep in 1998, at age 38, of an epileptic seizure.