Who beat Tyson twice in amateur ranks?

Today’s question: Former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson did moderately well as an amateur, compiling an impressive record and trying out for the Olympic team. One fighter seemed to have his number more than any other however. This man beat Tyson twice as an amateur. Who was he?

Yesterday’s question and answer: The “Bucharest Buffoon” as he was nicknamed, was one of the all-time greats of the game. He may have won only two Grand Slam singles titles in his career, but but he was the first-ever man to be ranked No.1, claiming the top spot when rankings were introduced in 1973. He won over 100 titles on the ATP tour (57 singles and 45 doubles). He won the US Open in 1972 and the French Open in 1973, and without dropping a set. Who is this Romanian tennis great? The answer is Illie Nastase, who had a career win-loss record of 755-287, and was known as much for his all-round game as for his antics on the court.