What did pro bowler do on TV?

Today’s question: The Professional Bowlers Association Tour’s Saturday afternoon tournaments on ABC were one of the longest-running and most popular programs in American sports history. There were many great moments provided by the world’s top bowlers. Professional bowler Ed Lubanski is the only bowler to do what on national TV?

Yesterday’s question and answer: The Phillies had a slugger who hit .400 three times in his great career. Who was this whose career was shortened by a mysterious death? The answer is: Ed Delahanty. He was one of five baseball brothers, the others being Frank, Jim, Joe, and Tom. Ed was the elder of them all. He hit .407 in 1894, then .404 in 1895. His third trip to the .400-mark was in 1899 when he batted .410. Delahanty was in an accident in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on July 2, 1903. It was never determined whether he fell, jumped, or was pushed in the incident. Delahanty was a Washington Senator at the time of his death. He was a 1945 Hall of Fame inductee.