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LU-Belleville coach to help at USA hockey camp

Lindenwood University-Belleville women’s ice hockey coach Katherine Hannah has been invited out to be an assistant coach at the USA Hockey Girls’ Multi-District Player Development/Evaluation Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“To be a part of a USA hockey camp in my first year as a coach; I mean any year as a coach to be involved in the highest level of development for young women is going to be amazing,” said Hannah.

“I’m very honored to be one of the coaches selected to attend and coach camp. Something unique about the district is their focus on player development but also on women as coaches.”

The camp will run from June 11h through June 16 and it is designed to enrich hockey opportunities for all of the girls in each of the three USA Hockey districts participating in the camp. The three districts include Rocky Mountain, Pacific and Northern Plains.

“I’m going to be surrounded by the very best in USA hockey,” Hannah stated. “This is a camp to make it to the final level and an opportunity for young student-athletes to represent their country. Having played baseball with team Canada for over a decade, I can tell you that there’s nothing in sport more

rewarding than wearing your countries jersey across your chest.”

She added, “I’m going into this camp as a rookie and ready to learn from all the other coaches but I’m also going there to reach young women, help them develop and make sure that all 295 girls walk away from camp feeling touched by the sport some way or another.”

It will emphasize skill development and provide an opportunity for players to measure themselves against the best players from three USA Hockey Districts. Players attending the camp will be placed on teams, with a designated team leader, upon arrival and will be on the ice with ACHA, NCAA College, Tier I, Prep School and USA Hockey National personnel, twice each day.

The 15-under, 16-under and 17-under Pacific District and Rocky Mountain District players will be evaluated for selection to the National USA Hockey Select Camps.

Coach Hannah will also do a 10 minute presentation for USA hockey in front of 295 potential student-athletes about ACHA women’s hockey.

“I have a unique opportunity to do a presentation to not only 295 young women hockey players but also USA hockey,” said Hannah. “I truly believe that ACHA hockey is overlooked across the board and that is a great chance to inform people about the level of play, the level of commitment of these young student-athletes, that they compete for playoffs, a national championship, that many schools within the ACHA are fully funded and providing very similar opportunities that NCAA schools offer.”

Hannah added, “Lindenwood-Belleville has been phenomenal at supporting all of their athletic teams and hockey is no different. I will say, with this opportunity to speak to this crowd I will focus on the program and what we offer both as a hockey program but also educationally as an institution. It’s important to attach these young women to more than just their sport.”