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New athletics director has done a little bit of everything in Edwardsville

Alex Fox is entering his first year as the Edwardsville High School athletics director, replacing the retired Brad Beavis.
Alex Fox is entering his first year as the Edwardsville High School athletics director, replacing the retired Brad Beavis. Submitted photo

Alex Fox is no stranger to Edwardsville.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Fox is entering his 20th year in the Edwardsville school district. He was an assistant principal at the high school from 2013-16, has coached middle-school basketball, football and track, and has taught fifth and sixth grade. He also was an assistant principal for five years at Liberty Middle School.

Now Fox, 42, is taking on the role of athletics director at Edwardsville High, having replaced the retired Brad Bevis a little more than a month ago.

“A little bit of everything,” Fox said of his previous experience, which has helped make for a seamless transition to his new role. “I’ve been a jack-of-all trades in this district. That’s been a huge help. In some capacity or another, I’ve either worked with all the coaches or coached with some of them.”

Edwardsville has won 16 consecutive all-sports trophies in the Southwestern Conference, so the athletics program has been a smooth-running machine.

“Really, the nuts and bolts of everything is here to stay,” Fox said. “I don’t anticipate any kind of changes. Everybody sort of put their own unique stamp on a position when they take it. I hope to be able to do a little bit of that, but our expectation is always to compete, be classy about things and have our student athletes word hard.

“We’re lucky to have an amazing coaching staff and we’ve got amazing kids up here. Everybody works toward the same goal. Winning just kind of happens. We’ve got a superintendent (Lynda Andre) and a board of education that are very supportive, and that just filters down.”

Fox’s father-in-law is Rick Moss, the former assistant men’s basketball coach at Iowa who later became the Centralia High boys basketball coach and athletics director. Moss later was the athletics director at Carbondale High.

“It’s been great for me,” Fox said. “I met (wife) Tara years ago; we’ve been together for some time now. Just being around Rick when he was still at Centralia, he took me in and kind of exposed me to a lot of the high school stuff at the time.

“He’s always available. If I need to give him a call, I can call him and bounce things off him. He’s another resource.”

Fox expects to soon fill Edwardsville’s only varsity coaching vacancy.

He has conducted interviews for the girls soccer position that became available when Abby Comerford resigned in June after eight seasons and a 108-45-19 record.

“We’re closing in on finalizing that,” Fox said. “That’s kind of been one of the priority things I’ve been working on. We hope to have a decision on that in the next week or so. We’ll hopefully get this new person in, get rolling and go from there.”

David Wilhelm: @DavidMWilhelm