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Lebanon teen hoping for a new kidney has found his donor. It’s his dad.

Less than a month after learning he needed a second kidney transplant, 14-year-old Lebanon High School freshman Jackson Cruthis learned earlier this week that a suitable donor had been found. His dad, Lebanon athletic director and basketball coach Chad Cruthis.

Having been ruled out as a donor for his son’s first transplant 11 years ago because of high blood pressure, Chad Cruthis and his family were notified late last week that he will be allowed to donate.

The transplant has been scheduled for Feb. 13 at St. Louis Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

Chad Cruthis said Tuesday that the transplant could be sooner if necessary and the surgeon’s schedules can be arranged.

“We were told by doctors and surgeons this past Friday that I was Jackson’s best option and that they felt safe doing the surgery,” Cruthis said. “They will take my right kidney since it only has two arteries. Most people only have only one artery.

“Usually they take the left kidney but since it has three arteries there is more risk involved. His kidney function continues to drop so they felt it was best to move forward with me.”

Cruthis will have his kidney removed at St. Louis University Hospital. The organ will be transported through a tunnel which connects the two facilities. He will remain in the hospital for four days and will be allowed to return to work and the Lady Greyhounds’ sideline in 2 to 6 weeks.

Jackson Cruthis, barring any complications, will in the hospital for seven days but will be out of school for three months to protect him from infections.

Born with Posterior Urethral Valve Disorder, Jackson Cruthis had a kidney transplant when he was only 3-years-old. Told by doctors, the cadaver kidney would last from 5-6 years, it lasted 11 years.

It was two years ago when Jackson started showing signs of “rejection mode,” meaning that the need for a second transplant was not far away.

On New Year’s Day eve, Chad and Kirsta Cruthis learned their son would need the new organ sooner than later.

The family posted Jackson’s story on social media. More than 2,300 Facebook shares dispatched Jackson’s story.

Cruthis said recently that about a dozen potential donors had contacted St. Louis University Hospital.

Chad Cruthis aid Wednesday that his family was overwhelmed by the response to help Jackson.

“We appreciate all of those who have contacted us and inquired about donating,” Cruthis said. “We hope that if someone was considering to donate to Jackson that they will consider helping someone else if they can.”

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