High School Football

BND small-school all-area football defensive team

Players of the Year

Matt Muehlher, Columbia, sr.,

Sam Horner, Columbia, jr

First Team

Defensive Linemen: Brayden Georgeoff, Civic Memorial, sr. (60 tackles, 31 solos, 2 fumble recoveries)

Defensive Linemen: Jacob Carmack, Freeburg, fresh. (72 tackles, 46 solos, 5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries)

Defensive Linemen: Matt Muehlher, Columbia, sr. (76 tackles, 53 solos, 3 fumble recoveries)

Defensive Linemen: Blake Markus, Central, sr. (51 tackles, 31 solos, 10 sacks)

Linebacker: Justin Thole, Mater Dei, sr. (67 tackles, 10 sacks, 1 Int.)

Linebacker: Nick Walker, Civic Memorial, jr. (106 tackles, 73 solos, 1 fumble recovery)

Linebacker: Eli Wagner, Columbia, jr. (74 tackles, 54 solos, 1 Int, 1 fumble recovery)

(Tie) Linebacker: Jordan Spangenberg,, Central, sr. (85 tackles, 27 solos, 3 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries)

Defensive back Austin Melliere, Red Bud, sr. (69 tackles, 56 solos, 2 Int.)

Defensive back: Sam Horner, Columbia, jr. (58 tackles, 48 solos, 2 Int.)

Defensive back: Garrett Foppe, Mater Dei, sr. (54 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 5 Int.)

CJ. Robinson, Dupo, Soph. (51 tackles, 38 solos, 3 sacks)

(tie) Keaton Loewen, Civic Memorial, jr. (44 tackles, 32 solos, 2 fumble recoveries, 4 Int.)

Second Team

Defensive Linemen: Mack Harris, Althoff, jr. (51 tackles, 13 solos, 2 fumble rec.)

Defensive Linemen: Ben Kassen, Mater Dei, jr. (38 tackles, 12 sacks)

Defensive Linemen: Caleb Albers, Central, sr. (59 tackles, 17 solos, 2 sacks)

Defensive Linemen: Nolan Schmidt, Althoff, jr. (53 tackles, 13 solos, 2 fumble recoveries., 2 sacks)

Linebacker: Curtis Sharp, Althoff, sr. (78 tackles, 33 solos, 3 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries)

Linebacker: Nic Seelhoefer, Mater Dei, sr. (63 tackles, 2 sacks)

Linebacker: Jared VonderHaar, Carlyle, sr. (59 tackles, 40 solos, 3 sacks)

Linebacker: Stephen Fortner, Madison, sr. (47 tackles 3 fumble recoveries)

Defensive back: Nick Alberico, Althoff, jr (60 tackles, 28 solos, 2 Int.)

Defensive back: Zach Pluff, Freeburg, sr.. (47 tackles, 37 solos, 1 int. 1 fumble. recoveries)

Defensive back: Dylan Appleton, Althoff (29 Tackles, 13 solos, 1 Int.)

Honorable Mention

Defensive Linemen: Dylan Kwiatkowski, Nashville, Isaac Sexe, Nashville; Markeiland Gardner, Madison; Kemondre Lee, Madison; Khri Jackson, Madison; Briley Christeson, Civic Memorial; Alex Reams, Civic Memorial; Corbin Kee, Freeburg

Linebackers: Darius Walker, Althoff; Rhyker Rees, Nashville; Kyle Conway, Madison; Chandler Powell, Civic Memorial; Logan Cron, Freeburg; Maik Calhoun, Dupo; Kaleb Chism, Dupo

Defensive backs: Anneus Riggs, Althoff; Erwin Baker, Madison; Malcom Conway, Madison; Josh Marion, Columbia, Caleb Darr, Carlyle