High School Football

How to follow BND’s multimedia sports coverage

Althoff High School Football player Keenen Young grabs a catch.
Althoff High School Football player Keenen Young grabs a catch. News-Democrat

Welcome to Week 2 of the high school football season in the metro-east. Here’s how to get the most out of BND game-day football coverage:

LIVE UPDATES: Follow BND reporters on Twitter for regular game updates. Simply log in and follow @CriddleDean, @tceschman, @NormSanders, and @DavidMWilhelm. In addition to the games we're covering, we'll forward on other scores as they become available.

ONLINE UPDATES: Don't have a Twitter account? There are two places at bnd.com where you'll be able to follow along with the action. At the top of the home page or under the section titled "Latest News,” look for our Tweet aggregator to get access to the aforementioned live updates. Or, look in the same area for the Friday Night Scoreboard and game accounts as the night wears on. We'll update scores to all metro-east games each quarter if we can.

Click here to see the tweet aggregator.

RICH ONLINE MEDIA: Our reporters will attempt to post their game reports to the top of bnd.com no later than 11 p.m. on game day. The package will include video interviews with coaches and players and, on select games, full photo galleries which go beyond what we can give you in print. These stories are sharable in social media by simply selecting the appropriate icon on the left side of the screen.

STORY FORM: We're breaking our stories down under sub-heads that reflect the information we know you care about most. Instead of mining information from a sea of gray prose, you can simply direct your eye to the header that says “Key moment,” for example, to find out immediately where the game turned. These layers will make the specific details you want more accessible.

BREAKFAST TABLE: You'll still get your newspaper with an expanded sports section delivered Saturday morning. Coverage from the night before will be presented in that easy-to-handle paper format you grew up with.

These coverage strategies will be a work in progress; we'll continue to monitor how our audience is consuming the news, listen to your concerns and adjust as needed.

In the meantime, we earnestly believe that our total coverage package represents the most comprehensive, entertaining, and easiest-to-use format we (or anybody else) have ever been able to offer our readers. We hope you'll agree.

Sports Editor Todd Eschman can be reached at teschman@bnd.com or 239-2540. Follow him on Twitter: @tceschman.

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