St. Louis Cardinals

You get six words. Now describe your best (or worst) St. Louis sports memory

Just in time for Halloween, I came upon a fun Tweet “liked” by good friend Tom Ackerman at KMOX.

From SB Nation, it asked Twitter users, “What’s the scariest sports story you can tell in six words?”

Some took a St. Louis Blues slant — Ackerman’s eerie entry was “The Blues are up by two” – while mine harkened back to a black moment for Cardinals fans a long time ago: “Don Denkinger’s umpiring first base.”

Another tweet, by Brian Hendricks, referenced the now-lost Rams — “Stan Kroenke just bought my team.”

LOL, as the kids say.

But it got me to thinking of all this as a Twitter Trick or Treat: Good or bad, happy or sad, which six words would you use to sum up memorable moments in St. Louis sports?

Here we go (if you have others, email me at the address below, or find my post @joeostermeier on Twitter and reply):

Jack: “Go crazy, folks; go crazy!”

Freese’s late heroics win Game 6

Albert Pujols leaves Cards for Angels

Jones’ tackle saves Rams’ Super win

Ozzie, Willie, Vince, Jack: Whiteyball flourishes

La Russa retires after 11th Cards crown

Stan the Man plays “Ol’ Cannonball”

Bidwill moves Big Red to Arizona

Boo who? Cubs, Blackhawks, of course

Sutter fans Thomas, Birds beat Brewers

Mac’s 70th caps baseball’s comeback season

Blues’ Cup drought reaches 50 years

Warner-Bruce: 73 yards, Lombardi trophy

Redhead: Six decades as a Cardinal

Blues get Great One, still falter

Clemente line drive breaks Gibby’s leg

NLCS nightmare: Braves 15, Cardinals 0

Monday Night Miracle: Blues edge Flames

Waino’s big bender freezes Mets’ Beltran

Carpenter outduels Halladay in epic win

Andujar’s favorite word in English: “Youneverknow”

Uh oh: Diamondback runner injures Rolen

Lou’s 3,000th hit comes after knockdown

Denkinger blinks, Orta safe at first

Vermeil retires day after Super Bowl

Shoulda woulda Cards: ’85, ’87, ‘04

Ump tosses McGwire, angering Busch crowd

Hull and Oates: Blues best ever?

Shannon: “Heh, heh, heh, big boy!”

Cardiac Cards: Hart, Dierdorf, Metcalf, Gray

It’s the salsa: Carp is cookin’

Wiz, Tony tangle over playing time

Biggest win? Big Red beat Cowboys 38-0

Series caps Busch III’s first season

“Thanks for your time this time …

… Til next time, so long” – Buck

That’s it for me, for now, but there must be others: Let me know what you can conjure.

Joe Ostermeier, chairman of the St. Louis Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America, has written about the Cardinals for the News-Democrat since 1985. He grew up following St. Louis sports.