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Ian Snell has a change of heart

Ian Snell, who announced his retirement this spring when the Cardinals informed him he was being demoted to the minor league camp, has apparently decided throwing a baseball for a living -- even in the high minors -- beats the heck out of getting a real job.

His agent, according to the Cardinals website, has said Snell has changed his mind and is attempting to plot a comeback.

Presumably it would be with the Redbirds, unless they choose to cut Snell loose. According to the best information I could find, St. Louis never formally released Snall from his contract. But Snell's path to the big leagues is just as obstructed with the Cardinals as it ever was. Kyle McClellan, who presumably was to battle with snell to replace the injured Adam Wainwright in spring training, has a stranglehold on that job. So it would take another injury to give Snell a major league rotation spot. And that would certainly spell doom for the Birds.

Snell had his best seasons with the Pirates and later pitched for the Mariners. Although he's never been in an official game as a member of the Cardinals, he'll have played his last game at Busch Stadium if his comeback is unsuccessful. Last season he made a relief appearance June 24 at Busch Stadium as a member of the Mariners. He allowed four runs in two innings  on three hits and two walks.