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Wonder what happened during the fabled Carpenter/Halladay fishing trip?

Not much cooking on the hot stove as we wrap up the year that was 2011. So I thought I would point out this story to folks who haven't already stumbled across it.

If you recall, Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter and his NLDS game five opponent Roy Halladay of the Phillies had a fishing outing to the Amazon planned after their epic match-up. Click here to read the account of how it went.

It's an interesting behind the scenes look at a couple of the top players in baseball today. Carpenter and Halladay are pals dating back to the time they were both with the Blue Jays organization. And it's almost shocking, as competitive as Carpenter is, that he can put aside the emotions of the game and still hang out with his old buddy outside the lines.

I wonder if Carp would have felt the same way if it was the Phillies who won that classic game and then went on to win the World Series.